HealthCare Providers

Approaching Burnout? Already There?

The current level of personal risk and sacrifice expected of healthcare providers is unprecedented.  The weaknesses and brokenness of our systems are being revealed with serious consequences.

It is time to take care of the care provider. 

As a clinical social worker with decades of experience within multidisciplinary teams in various settings, I am here to support you.

My years of teaching and therapy have allowed me to walk alongside people in various forms of service.  I have gathered some insight about the lived realities of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare and mental healthcare providers.

I have also been honored to work with veterans, first responders, and activists.  All are people called to service, driven by important values and ideals that can be difficult to carry and live out in our current environment.

I have been studying burnout for my entire career. There are surprisingly similar reactions in these seemingly disparate groups, including the experience of burnout and moral injury.

It’s important for people in service to expand our idea of self-care beyond just another item on a long to-do list, and to understand what the deeper needs for realistic support actually are.

I can help you:

  • Strengthen inner resources to meet the short and long term demands.
  • Explore compassion and service from a place of fullness.
  • Take care of the backlog of personal needs building up over time.

You can also find local resources and support through an organization I am honored to be part of: Mindful Medicine. Thank you for your service.

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