Working with Laura

Laura Martin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and experienced mindfulness teacher with training in the Zen tradition. 

The strength of bamboo is in its ability to bend. We can find within ourselves a similar resiliency. The root system of bamboo takes years to develop before visible growth takes place. The same can be true in a therapeutic process, where “progress” may be at our very foundations and seemingly invisible. While our feelings come and go (and we can learn to navigate those skillfully), the true measure of psychological health is flexibility. To be flexible is to be mindfully in contact with this moment, accepting the fullness of a human life. Bamboo represents the sustainable growth that is possible for each of us.

Laura Martin, LCSW

My focus is to help clients return to the power and wisdom of the present moment. We practice increasing moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and behaviors. We look at how changes in these areas can be conducive to improved health (mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral therapy).

My clients are people endeavoring to make a contribution — in their home, in their families, at work, and in the larger world. And they may be experiencing overwhelm, anxiety or burnout. Our current global situation is surely contributing to this.

The tools of therapy and mindfulness can help you create a life of meaning and find the peace available to everyone. Therapy is a way to practice and balance strategies of acceptance and change.

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