Financial Therapy

Are issues about money causing anxiety or stress?

Whether it’s debt, overspending, anxiety about income, or just vagueness about money, change is possible.  It is possible to cultivate the mind that knows what is enough.  It is possible to practice satisfaction, gratitude, and generosity in any circumstance.

Financial therapy is a way of bringing mindfulness to our relationship with money.  It can be helpful to receive support when looking into these areas.  In looking more deeply, even into our financial situation, we can often find the pearl of wisdom embedded there.

Bringing mindful awareness to money can reveal a lot about what is most important — our deepest values.  It is possible for money to be a support to our lives rather than what runs our lives.  Feel free to get in touch and we can talk about how financial therapy might be helpful for you.

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Other resources:

For resources that are free, please look into the powerfully helpful program of Debtors Anonymous.  Also ClearPoint Credit Counseling is a helpful and free organization.